Spring Workshops 2016

Where’s My Catalog? – Sold OUT 

Digital Asset Management for Lightroom Users

1 Session: Monday, April 11, 10:00 – 1:00pm


Have you ever lost your Lightroom catalog? Has your workflow been interrupted by the dread question mark or the frightening message: “The file is offline or missing?” Are you images all over your desktop? It can be confounding. In this workshop, we will review the basics of creating catalogs, organizing images and projects and importing images into Lightroom We will discuss merging, adding to and breaking up catalogs.


Seeing the Light – Sold OUT

6 Sessions: Wednesdays, 10:30 – 1:00, 4/20 – 6/1 (No class 5/18)


As photographers, there is nothing more important than seeing and harnessing light. It’s important to know how to work with ambient light, but sometimes the ambient light is not as cooperative as we would like. Either it’s in the wrong place or there’s not enough to light our subject properly. This workshop will focus on supplementing ambient light with both continuous light sources (lamps, flash lights, etc.) and with basic flash. We will also discuss white balance, how to neutralize unwanted color casts and also how to use the colors of light in dramatic ways.

Inspiration Realized

When I planned the fall Shooting with Inspiration workshop, I was excited about the possibilities, but the evolution of work and the culmination of the class represented by the final projects far exceeded my expectations. For each of the first 5 weeks of the class, we studied one photographer. We analyzed style, composition, defining characteristics and intent, then the following week each student presented a small group of images that were influenced by that photographer. The last 3 weeks were dedicated to developing a personal project that was rooted in all or one of these influences.  Fireworks and surprises and amazing work.  A small sampling of the work follows:

Romy Cohen:Cohen

Jay Gherken:Gherkin

William Eggelston’s influence on Rosalie Rowey:Rowey

Maureen MacNeal:MacNeal

Richard Chalmers:Chalmers Chalmers 2



2015 Fall Workshops


Shooting with Inspiration
8 sessions: Wednesdays, 10:30 am – 1:00 pm
9/30 – 11/18

An empty camera card is like a blank sheet of white paper. Where do you start and how do you make a great picture? How do you escape shooting so many of the same types of images? This workshop will focus on finding new inspiration and thinking outside the bounds of your previous work.

Weeks 1-5: I will choose a photographer and present his/her work for in class discussion. We will analyze the visual vocabulary, composition and intention of that work. During the week that follows you will try to shoot like that photographer. You can literally try to make similar pictures, or your interpretation can be more conceptual. We will critique the images in the following class.

Weeks 6-8: Each student will develop a small personal project based on one of the styles or an amalgamation of several styles. There will be weekly class critiques and guidance.

New York in Black & White
7 Sessions: Mondays, 2:30 – 5:00 pm
10/5 – 11/9, Final Critique 11/23

In this workshop we will concentrate on the essentials of image making by working exclusively in black & white. Our class time will be split between the studio and on location shoots. Our first class will meet at the studio to discuss basic concepts for “seeing in black & white”. Throughout the class a strong emphasis will be placed on exposure, observing and harnessing light and achieving great compositions. We will be working with Lightroom 6.

Laptop with Lightroom 6 (Optional: SilverEfex Pro, a plug-in that increases the possibilities for developing our images)

The City at Dusk – Carolyn Brody

Light + Movement + Reflection

In these images I explore the interplay of light, movement and reflection which is magnified by the effect of water.  It is what the city light does in the darkness that most captured my eye—light becoming electric, kinetic, with bright streaking filaments.  Movement is also a central element. These images are fleeting, elusive, sometimes ethereal.  In the reflection colors become deeper and more vivid.  The sky becomes midnight blue or sulphurous yellow.  Water becomes a shimmering steely gray, rich burgundy or velvet green.  Light becomes streaky orange, chartreuse and royal blue.  And a few images become dreamy nocturnes.